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Castle Water Ski Club Lake at Tattershall Lakes Country Park

Our lake is split into two lanes. One for recreational skiing, and the other for more advanced skiing such as Slalom and jump.You must sit an introduction course with our Lane One officer before you are allowed to drive up Lane One, as there are hazards to be aware of including cables for the slalom course that run along the full length of Lane One. You also need to understand the ski and boat lines to be taken when taking someone over the jump. Your boat will also need to be an approved tournament boat to be used on Lane One.

Recreational Skiing happens out of Lane Two. You can Ringo, Ski, Wakeboard etc.
There can be up to 2 boats operating out of Lane two at any one time.

We have 2 formats at the Lake to give all members the best opportunity to use the lake, these are ‘1 Boat Rule’ and ‘2 Boat rule’, and are at specific times during the week, please see the member information for times and rules.

Our Location

Located in Tattershall Lakes Country Park

57 Sleaford Rd
Tattershall, Lincolnshire LN4 4LR
Web: www.tattershall-lakes.com/

Lake Diagram

The Lake

Alex Wilson on Lake
lake view
Lake in the Evening