CWSC Membership prices 2022

New Member

  • First year of joining

Existing Member

  • This fee applies up to and including registration day

All Members

  • This fee applies after registration day 


  • Requires member to be a parent or guardian to sponsor
  • Applies Child age 15 & under
Important information from the rules and constitution of CWSC
Clarification of a Junior Member who's age is 15 and under and does not have a parent or guardian who is a member of CWSC. A fee of £45 will be applied for the child for the membership.

Lane One Fee

  • Fee per driver

Boat Launching Fee up to and including registration day

  • Requires Adult Membership

Boat Launching Fee

  • Fee due after the official registration day
Anyone new member joining after the 1st September a 50% fee reduction will apply

CWSC Guest Fees 2022

Members are welcome to sign in guests to the club for a daily fee.  The sign in book is located on the front of the ski shack with a key coded padlock.  Please sign in and pay for guests before they use the lake.
You can also pay online below within the members shop but you need to note this in the guest book.

16 and Over

  • To be signed in my Member
  • Online or in Guest Book

15 and under

  • To be signed in my Member
  • Online or in Guest Book
REGISTRATION DAY: Online registration now open, official registration day 14th May 2022
Please note, all members must also be members of British Water Ski and Wakeboard Federation (BWSW).
A separate fee is payable to BWSW for this. See current prices for BWSW membership
For new and existing members you can use the online registration form below to signup or renew your CWSC membership… Alternately for guidance feel free to call  on Gary Leonard on 07545921618
2022 Online Registration
CWSC Membership Guidance